Anya Chalotra nude scenes from Netflix’s The Witcher (2019)

Anya Chalotra nude scenes from Netflix’s “The Witcher (2019) Season 1 Episode 5, where you can see her perfect naked body.

Anya Chalotra is a British-Indian actress. She was born in Wolverhampton, UK in 1996. In 2018 she starred in the series “Wanderlust” and the mini-series “The ABC Murders.”


Anya Chalotra (as Yennefer) undresses when we get a full-length nude shot of her in the mirror and behind the guy when he turns his back, and she goes up naked in the bath behind him. Then you see some more of her boobs as she sits with her back to him and washes a little before the guy gets up.

Anya sits topless on the edge of the bed when the guy wakes up behind her, she puts a dress on her shoulders but leaves her tits open when the guy jumps out of bed, and she slowly walks towards him with a knife, pushing him against the wall.

Chalotra kneels topless on the floor with her dress around her waist, with her head thrown back as the guy enters the room, and the wind blows around him and Anya.

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